HealthPathways Sydney Launch

Click on the images below to find videos and printed media from the HealthPathways seminar held on the 20th August 2013 at the Concord Centre for Medical Education.



Ian Anderson & Caroline Gullery                          Dr Graham McGeogh                                          Dr Tracey Tay

Whole of System Improvement            Canterbury Initiative One Health System         The Hunter New England Story

             (50 mins, 110MB)                                                              (60 mins, 60MB)                                                           (30 mins, 55MB)




                                                            Dr Dave Dixon                                            Juanita Gibson

                                               Localising HealthPathways                            Managing HealthPathways

                                                        (35 mins, 50MB)                                                         (35 mins, 40MB)



           Launch Day Handbook    


HealthPathways Sydney