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Periodic Pathway Review

In order to maintain accuracy and quality, each pathway is to undergo a formal review at regular intervals.  A review process has been developed, modeled on the process used by Canterbury HealthPathways in New Zealand. This process is in addition to the many updates we make to the current pathways.

The objective of the periodic review is to:

  • Improve the accuracy and quality of information on the HealthPathways site
  • Improve HealthPathways’ credibility with users and stakeholders (by demonstrating rigour in ensuring information is current and accurate and by seeking input from clinicians across primary/secondary/public/private sectors and across all relevant disciplines)
  • Ensure the pathways maintain the standards as set out in the HealthPathways Style Guide
  • Build our group of community reviewers
  • Provide opportunities for reviewers and editors to develop their reviewing and medical writing skills
  • Provide opportunities to revisit service redesign issues highlighted during the initial pathway development phase to assess whether these issues have improved, ensure HealthPathways accurately reflects new service changes and identify areas for further evaluation of HealthPathways’ contribution to service redesign

The HealthPathways Sydney review process is divided into three stages and involves reviewers from across our healthcare community. Upon the 2-year anniversary of pathway go-live, pathways requiring review are allocated to relevant community reviewers who complete and submit the review checklist appropriate to their discipline. Sydney Local Health District Service Leads are asked to identify appropriate subject matter experts (SMEs) who can review the updated pathway and ensures all service and referral details are up-to-date and sends any further updates based on recent changes in evidence based practice. The review clinical editors then combines both feedback from the Community Review Group and SME to draft an updated version of the pathway. The final, updated pathway is reviewed by the HealthPathways Clinical Leads and SLHD SMEs before being published to our live site. 

 For more information regarding the Periodic review Process, or if you want to be involved contact the HealthPathways Sydney Team