How ECHO Sessions Work

  • Participants from multiple locations connect at regularly scheduled times with a team of specialists through Zoom videoconferencing.
  • Each session begins with participant introductions and questions from the previous session.
  • A brief presentation is delivered by hub specialists with Q&A on a specific topic of interest chosen by participants.
  • Each ECHO session includes case-based discussion to ensure mastery of the content and skills. A participant presents a de-identified case with patient consent. (See How to present a case). Both specialist team (Hub) and participants (Spokes) will then engage in discussion about the case and compile a list of treatment recommendations. 
  • Recommendations are summarised verbally at the conclusion of each case presentation and forwarded in writing to all participants.

Here is a  sample video (approximately 4 minutes) from Presbyterian Health in the US:

How to Present a Case

You do not need to present a case study every ECHO session, but each participant is encouraged to submit a case over a course of the program. Case-based discussions are a key component of the ECHO model. 

  • If you are currently participating an ECHO program, submit a case to your ECHO via the following links.


  • An ECHO ID# will be assigned to your case, and this ID# as well as the date of your scheduled case presentation will be confirmed by the program coordinator via email/phone.
  • During the ECHO session, the facilitator will call on you to present your case. The program coordinator will scroll through your case presentation form on screen as you present your case. All videoconferencing participants will be able to see the de-identified portion of the form.
  • The facilitator will then promote discussion among participants, starting with clarifying questions for the case presenter. At the conclusion of the discussion, the facilitator will summarise recommendations from all participants.

Patient Relationship Disclaimer


  • Hub:  ECHO Sydney Local Health District, Australia (ECHO SLHD)
  • Spoke: Healthcare providers who participate in ECHO SLHD.
  • Session: A weekly video conferenced discussion between the Hub team and Spoke clinicians including a brief presentation by the Hub team, in-depth case-based presentation(s) presented by participants (Spoke) and recommendations on cases provided to participants.

ECHO SLHD de-identified patient case presentations do not create or otherwise establish a provider-patient/client relationship between any Hub clinician and any patient whose case is presented in a Session.

The Spoke understands that advice from Hub clinicians are recommendations only and do not in any way replace the diligence and professional expertise to be exercised by the Spoke with respect to their patients. SLHD and Hub clinicians do not have any liability for any injury, loss or damage caused by use of the information provided during the Sessions.

The Hub may provide a Spoke with information about referral options for a patient. However, if a Spoke wishes to refer a particular patient to a specialist service that should be done outside of this project.

Project ECHO Sydney Local Health District is a collaboration between