• Hub:  ECHO Sydney Local Health District, Australia (ECHO SLHD)
  • Participant: Healthcare providers who participate in ECHO SLHD programs.
  • Session: A weekly video conferenced discussion between Hub presenters and participating clinicians including a brief presentation by expert specialists (Hub), in-depth case-based presentation(s) presented by participants and recommendations on cases provided to participants.

I understand and agree that:

  1. the Sessions may be photographed/videorecorded, and such photos/videos may be used by the Hub internally, or may be shared externally on websites or with media outlets for the purposes of describing or otherwise promoting or profiling the work of the ECHO SLHD initiative.
  2. if photographs/videos are shared externally, the Hub may no longer be able to exercise control over their further use or distribution.
  3. the Hub does not have to notify me when it uses or shares the photographs/videos as agreed to above, and I do not have the right to approve the photograph before it is used or shared for the purposes listed on this form.

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